Weekend Game Viewing

The weekend delivered some fantastic game viewing, starting on Friday with the Machaton pride hunting buffalo!

The pride followed the massive herd from early on Thursday evening. We left them patiently waiting for an opportunity to launch an attack on the herd that evening.

We went back Friday morning to follow up and found that the tables had turned and the buffalo were hunting the lion!!

The herd had separated one of the young males and he managed to escape in the low branches of a wattle tree. Try as the herd might they were unable to inflict any major injury to the youngster.

Hunting buffalo is a high risk game as buffalo will not hesitate to take out a lion if the chance presents itself.

The young male waited for the buffalo to lose interest before launching himself out the tree and running for safety. Unfortunately my photos are not great as the vegetation was rather thick but what a wonderful experience.

Another highlight was a young male leopard who had successfully taken down a young impala. He had to take quick action to avoid a clan of hyena who moved in to take the carcass away from him.

He hoisted it high into the branches of a tree and watched as the hyena squabbled over the scraps. He just sat and posed for us! What a sight draped over a large branch with his kill nearby and hyena below.

The weekend was also filled with numerous elephant and general game sightings. I wonder what the next week holds!

Tanda Tula Tanda Tula Tanda Tula