Vultures Steal Cheetah Kill!

We were extremely lucky late last week when we were graced with a rare sighting of a female cheetah and her cub.

We noticed some white backed vultures on top of a tree in the distance while out on afternoon game drive, and decided to follow up to see if there was any action. When we arrived we noticed a lot more vultures on the ground, and as we entered the sighting we saw two cheetahs walking just 20 meters from us! They seemed a little nervous at first but then settled down and relaxed.

We believe that the vultures stole the kill from the cheetahs, and it appeared that all the cats wanted to do was make a swift getaway before the birds attracted more attention from other predators. Cheetahs are not built for strength but rather speed and agility, so often when they make a kill they need to start feeding quickly before drawing attention to themselves. Their kills are often stolen from hyena, lions, leopards and of course the vultures.

We have also been lucky to enjoy fantastic lion sightings over the last two weeks. The nomadic male lions have been mating with two different lionesses, one female who we believe is from the neighboring pride called the Ross pride, and one of our local females from the Machaton pride.

They were all seen together on Friday which is a good sign for us here at Tanda Tula as the nomadic males seem to be forming a new pride right on our doorstep! We have seen them mating with other females in the past so we are all holding thumbs that the new pride will grow in numbers and strength.

Here are a few pictures taken over recent days.

Until next time.

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