Unusual wildlife encounters with Luke Street

Safari is filled with the unexpected. It is what makes it so enthralling and addictive. Luke had a fantastic afternoon safari last week at Tanda Tula when a rhino and some young hyena had a chance meeting.

It is the unannounced creatures and action that brings the excitement and anticipation while out on game drive. Very often this is also the case for the animals themselves! The impalas do not expect the unseen leopard that pounces or the chase the lion gives after a herd of unsuspecting zebra. In reality, however, it is not always as dramatic as that. Imagine the curiosity and wonder that met a young hyena cub when an enormous bull rhino came wandering past his den!

Following instructions left by mum to stay put, the hyena cub seemed a little concerned but more intrigued than anything else. Luke managed to get two incredible images of the brief meeting of these two formidable African mammals. The heavy footfall from the rhino drew the attention from another, slightly older hyena who appeared out of the den and also came to investigate. The rhino was no threat to the hyenas, he was just moving through and in fact paid very little attention to these fury creatures, the interest was all on their side.

It was a great sighting for the guests, showing the diversity and proximity within which animals in the Timbavati sometimes come together.

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