Two Unknown Male Lions Take Down Buffalo

When we came upon a pair of male lions on morning drive, we didn’t recognise who they were. Whether they are new to the area or just passing through, remains to be seen, but if the hunting continues to be this good they may try to stay.

The pair of male lions had taken down a large buffalo, and had been feasting on it for more than a day when we found them. The vultures sat patiently in a nearby tree keeping an eye on things, knowing it would still be at least another day before they got a crack at the remains.

We went back to the site of the kill that evening just as the sun was setting and saw that the pair had made good progress on the carcass.

Suddenly a couple of big male lions from the neighboring Klaserie game reserve started calling. In response, the first two started eating with renewed gusto, despite their already full stomachs. If they were going to have to abandon the carcass they wanted to make sure they had eaten as much as they could!

The new pair had their turn at the kill overnight, and when we returned in the morning the hyenas were having their shot at it, while a pair of black backed jackals kept pacing back and forth not far from the scene.

Clearly they were next in line and despite the two day vigil it appeared there would be nothing left for the patient vultures.

Words and photos by Jacquie Gauthier

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