Treading lightly

Why is the Tanda Tula experience unique? What makes this tented African safari in the Greater Kruger National Park so special? 

Well, many things really, but one of them is the integrity our tented accommodation shows to the surrounding environment. Our footprint is small, our ethos is honest, and we tread lightly on the land.

The essence of an authentic tented safari is what we strive to achieve. Our rooms blend into the natural surroundings, shaded by huge riverine trees, hidden behind shrubs, obscuring the tents within nature. At Tanda Tula we want to remain true to the very place our guests have come to see, to let the magnificence of Africa be the hero while still offering all the classic safari luxuries.

The love of silence, organic surroundings, wake up calls by Crested Francolins. These are all part of this tented experience. We must remember safari was invented with a tent, and its that romantic intimacy we aspire to recreate.

What is your most memorable tented experience?

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