The Art Of Tracking

Contrary to popular belief, when on safari in a large wildlife conservancy such as the Timbavati, animals do not just appear at every turn. Some days you have to really work to find them, especially the elusive big cats. This is where the role of a tracker truly comes into play.

The focus is on identifying animal tracks and being able to read the secret signs of the bush that hopefully, not always though, lead to where these animals are hiding. It is an absolute privilege and awe inspiring event to watch a tracker at work - small obscure marks that to the untrained eye mean nothing, but to a professional can be the determining factor in finding an animal.

Any species moving through the bush will leave many disguised traces of their activities, but a well trained tracker knows what to look for and can stay hot on a trail. The thrill of the chase! A safari is not complete until one has taken part in a bit of animal tracking.

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