Track It Thursday: The Impala

These tracks belong to an impala who came down to the camp dam to drink.

These medium sized antelope can be territorial depending on the climate and surrounding geography of a region. We do not see impala at Tanda Tula camp dam every day but it is almost a given that these diurnal mammals will drink in the heat of the day from any water source they can find.

Impalas have a very strict social structure with there being three main groups found: bachelor herds, breeding herds of females and then the territorial males. The males will fight with their spiral horns intertwined for dominance, over a certain herd of females - sometimes even to the death. Although they are the most common antelope in Africa, they are also one of the most beautiful. With distinct markings and delicate features, they really are one of the most overlooked animals on safari.

Tanda Tula Tanda Tula Tanda Tula