Meet Innocent Mnisis.

Innocent is one of the young job seekers from our local community who recently spent some time at Tanda Tula. Read about this incredibly inspiring experience and why we, along with Wild Shots Outreach, undertook this journey with him.

While staying at the lodge and capturing some incredible images we asked him a few thought- provoking questions, hoping this would give us insight into the thoughts and ideas of some of the people living on the fringes of the Timbavati.

We asked Innocent a couple of questions during his stay:

"Living in a community on the outskirts of the Greater Kruger how relevant is the safari industry to you?”

“Did an operation like Tanda Tula Safari Camp have any effect or influence on you?”

“Since the visit has your perception changed?”

Innocent's response below:

“I thought the safari industry was based on plants and taboo. Tanda Tula really changed my thoughts by giving me the basics of wild animals and their characteristics. The Safari industry keeps wild animals for the next generation and Tanda Tula has a great impact on this industry. I learnt more about different wild animals and they have people who love to tell about the animals. I’m proud of the people employed by Tanda Tula and the information they have about the Safari industry”.

It was a huge learning experience for all of us with everyone coming away with new perceptions and ideas. Innocent’s photographs tell the Tanda Tula story through his eyes…



Chef Chris

Time for bush breakfast

In the kitchen

Bush breakfast

Dinner outdoors


Tanda Tula Tanda Tula Tanda Tula