This week's safari with Luke Street

This week, Luke’s pics reflect the incredible diversity of wildlife that we find in the Timbavati. It is one thing to focus on beautiful shots of big game, or action shots of animals interacting, but this week we can really see the abundance of game that this open system reserve offers through the images Luke has captured.

Ostriches are not always common birds to find. They are so large that it can feel weird to refer to them as birds, they seem more like mammals. However, just because they cannot fly does not mean they are not birds! We see these feathery giants fairly regularly and guests always find them amusing and fascinating.

There is also evidence of smaller mammals such as the dwarf mongoose, another species on safari that brings much entertainment. The variety continues as Luke captures a close-up picture of a young elephant in the late afternoon light. The moments continue with an image of a hyena walking through a swampy area and the always beautiful Marula. It is incredibly special to have this visual insight into the diversity of game that the guests encounter while out of safari in just a few days.

Tanda Tula Tanda Tula Tanda Tula