The week in pictures

It has been an incredible week at Tanda Tula for game viewing, with unbelievably exciting sightings of hyena clans fighting over kill remains and lions feeding off a young giraffe. Guests on safari got to see the best that the Timbavati has to offer and Luke Street has shared some beautiful photographic images from this week's safaris.

The excitement all started with a coalition of two young male lions who managed to pull down a young giraffe, never a pleasant thing to actually see, but it delivered some really interesting photo opportunities over the next three days of feeding.

On another morning game drive the whooping of hyenas alerted the guests to some exciting action. When Luke followed up on the hysterical calls they found two different hyena clans fighting over the minuscular, rather unappetizing, remains of a wildebeest, possibly killed earlier in the morning by lions. One lucky beast managed to make off with the wildebeest head, a first place prize for his cunning perseverance!


Tanda Tula Tanda Tula Tanda Tula