The week in pictures

It has been an incredibly exciting game viewing week in the Timbavati. Chad has had his camera by his side and has captured some beautiful images to reflect what Tanda Tula safari has had on offer the past few days.

Guests enjoyed a variety of wonderful general game sightings as well as some more exciting things such as a pack of wild dogs, hyenas and the big cats performing all their usual skillful activities. For Chad the week’s highlights were definitely finding Marula, the female leopard, feeding off an African Rock Python (click here to read Chad’s first hand account of this incredible snake story) and discovering the mating lions.

The two Mbiri male lions connected with the two Ross females and spent a couple of days in the Nharalumi river mating. What was so incredibly interesting was that it was in fact the smaller male lion who was doing the mating, hence his aggression towards the other, larger male as he approached the female.


Tanda Tula Tanda Tula Tanda Tula