The week in Photos

Luke Street

Even as winter begins to fade across the Timbavati the wildlife continues to perform! The last two weeks at Tanda Tula have been incredible. We have been treated to a number of amazing elephant sightings. One with over 150 elephants gathering around a waterhole right next to us. There are few things that compare to being surrounded by the largest land mammal when they occur in these numbers. Especially when they start to frolic in the water!

Apollo, the huge elephant bull, has also been spotted on several occasions. Even though he has been in full musth, he is extremely relaxed. This making him an absolute pleasure to be around.

The buffalo herds continue to regroup and grow in numbers with plenty of calves around! This is a breath of fresh air after hardly seeing any babies during the last 3 or so years of drought.

We had a brief sighting of wild dogs on a cold and windy morning as they quickly finished off their Duiker kill and then scurried off back into the wilderness. At this time of year, the dogs are still denning. Sadly, this denning cycle can make them fairly difficult to find. However we have been lucky enough to get a few good sporadic viewings.

The Mbiri male lions continue to dominate the area. They have been seen mating with the females from the Myanbula pride found in the south. They have, thankfully, also been paying the zebenine females the odd and brief visit. This bodes very well for the survival of their cubs. There have been a few sightings of these little ones but sadly it has been rather hard to photograph them. However I have collected a few videos of them - check out our Facebook page or the Tanda Tula YouTube channel.

Leopards have been in no short supply either. The ever gorgeous Marula has been seen doing her scent marking rounds and offering consistent sightings for our guests. The other female leopard of the area, Ntombi, has also been around and managed to kill a Common Duiker recently. Sadly the light just wasn’t good enough for me to get any images. Keep an eye out for the videos of this scene or watch out for Chads images next week. I am sure he got a few!

The winter colours should start to break soon, making way for the green of summer. I am always excited to photograph at this time of year and really look forward to seeing the Timbavati and Greater Kruger come back to life.

Until next time. Happy snapping!

Tanda Tula Tanda Tula Tanda Tula