The Week in Photos

By Luke Street

It has been a really good week at Tanda Tula Safari Camp and the wildlife sightings have been incredible. With absolutely amazing elephant activity as hundreds of these gentle giants have been moving through the Timbavati.

After last week’s rain there are still a couple of small, watery wallows around and so you are bound to find some muddy elephants walking around. I particularly enjoyed photographing a small herd of these dirty, but enchanting, beasts that we came across. They had recently had a delicious clay bath in some mud which had dried into a soft, dove grey colour on their charcoal skin, creating beautiful contrasts.

The Mbiri male lions are still hanging around the young Roths females, it is so exciting to have lions mating in the area. All the guides at Tanda Tula are  holding thumbs that we will be fortunate enough to view some cubs in the near future.

Lastly, I was incredibly excited to get the opportunity to photograph the Marula female leopard as she lazed about in a tree with her kill nearby. What made this sighting so unique was the curious giraffe that just could not help itself but come over for a better look at this stunning cat. It is always so exciting when we come across any sort of animal interaction, and as a wildlife photographer it is moments like these that I live for.

Giraffe Bromance

Comfy rock

Dry river, wet sky

Elephant eyelashes

Green and grey

Kudu bull




Ntombi and a scene

Ntombi Mafikizolo


Younger Mbiri male

Young male profile


Tanda Tula Tanda Tula Tanda Tula