The Tanda Tula LED Lighting Changeover is Complete!

Lowering our Environmental Footprint

You may remember an article we posted on our blog last year where we tested the viability of LED lighting in our lounge area to assess a complete changeover of our safari camp to LED lighting.

We are delighted to announce that, with the success of the pilot project, we have now completed the changeover of all of our lighting to LED lighting.

This changeover includes all tent lights, all outdoor lights, all backoffice lights and all staff housing lights. In doing this, we have reduced our power draw from lighting by over 70%, but more importantly, we have completed another step in our overall program of modernising our infrastructure to reduce our environmental footprint.

In addition, the lights we have found have a wonderful warm colour and are dimmable, unlike many of the “cold light” low energy light bulbs on the market today.

We felt it was essential to select the right light bulbs in order to maintain the ambience of the camp in the evenings, which has always given a lovely warm glow in the African night.

If you haven’t been to Tanda Tula Safari Camp recently, you’ll have to come and see for yourself!

Words by Don Scott

As a Safari Camp in the African bush we are committed to operating a sustainable camp, ensuring as little impact as possible on the environment and the game reserve in which we operate. We have a sustainability policy that includes an on-going program of energy efficiency improvements such as changing electrical geysers to heat pumps and solar geysers, converting lighting methods to LED lights as mentioned above, and implementing load balancing techniques to minimise our reliance on electrical power. We also focus on grey and waste water processing, recycling and re-use of all waste, efficient vehicle fuel management, vehicle impact rehabilitation, erosion site rehabilitation and road maintenance.

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