The Tanda Tula Family Grows

We would like to officially welcome Brittany Coetzer, better known as Britt, and Luke Street to the Tanda Tula family.

Although they have both actually been working in our safari camp for two months already, they have settled in so quickly we have to remind ourselves that they are still new!

This young, dynamic couple met and started dating 3 years ago, with the mutual goal of ending up in the bush and working in the safari industry. Luke had his qualifications and had spent some time working as a guide when he met Britt in Johannesburg, when she was about to start her BA degree in communication. So they ended up living, working and studying in the big city before finally following their dream to work in the African bushveld.

Britt is the Lodge Anchor, filling in wherever needed. She is definitely someone you will spend time with on your safari. Luke has joined the team of experienced guides. They both have a keen passion for photography, so look out for Luke’s pics on our blog and on social media.

Their enthusiastic approach to everything is almost tangible. Britt and Luke, we are thrilled to have you as part of the team!

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