1 November 2017
The Snake Charmer

At Tanda Tula, we are passionate about education. This passion is not exclusive to everyone who works at Tanda Tula, but for all the guests that visit Tanda Tula Safari Camp and Tanda Tula Field Camp. We believe that every single minute of your safari with us should be filled with learning, growing, experiencing and feeling alive. It is because we want our guests to expand their knowledge and sometimes step out of their comfort zone, that we occasionally organise The Snake Charmer, Donald Strydom. He is from the Khamai Reptile Park in Hoedspruit and comes to the lodge with a few of his snakes. He is an expert in giving us the real lowdown on these 'bad' reptiles.

The Snake Charmer

Donald Strydom has appeared as the advisory expert in a number of BBC, Discovery and Animal Planet television programs. He is also a well-known black mamba handler. His vast knowledge and experience is unsurpassed in this part of Africa, perhaps even the world. And so it is always a huge privilege having Donald visit Tanda Tula and interact with the guests. He has an incredible way of sharing his expertise with guests by showing them the snakes. Donald allows guests to maneuver some of the less dangerous species and answer all their questions while helping some people overcome extreme fears regarding these slithery reptiles.

All the guests love the interaction and almost everyone gets involved somehow. Donald often comes on request, or when there are particularly interested guests in camp. This educational activity, which takes place between, safaris is always a huge success. Talks such as these really help to empower guests through knowledge. We are so grateful to have an educated individual as Donald living just a few kilometers away.

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