The lighter side of the kitchen

Greetings to all Tanda Tula foodies!

With the lodge been super busy over the last couple of months, it’s very easy to become too serious and forget about the fun times and funny mishaps that happen in daily kitchen life.

I remember an incident that happened many years ago when I was still a trainee that even to this day makes me chuckle.

It was back in 2001 during my first trainee position.

I was put in charge of the kitchen during a busy month with my general manager overseeing my duties.

Every day the kitchen would prepare lunch for the all the managers and the owners of the lodge and every day they wanted fruit salad as an end-of-meal dessert.

So, on the day in question, whilst I was busy in the back if the kitchen (and unbeknownst to me…), lunch was taken out and served.

The next instant the owner of the lodge burst through the kitchen doors demanding to see me. Through his tempered (rather rampant) shouting it was revealed that there were red chillies (yes you read correct – Chillies) floating in fruit salad!!

After initial disbelief, I too investigated the fruit salad to find lots of little chopped up birds eye red chillies (the really hot ones…) floating merrily on top…

After questioning the kitchen staff, it seemed the culprit was my general manager who had instructed the ladies to put the chillies in the fruit salad.

So off I marched to his office to solve this dilemma.

I can still remember storming into his office to demand an exclamation. After questioning him as to why he told the ladies to put chillies in the fruit salad, he paused, put down his pen, looked at me over the rim of his glasses and said;

“Cherries… I said red cherries.”

Moral of the story: Always pay careful attention when taking orders and always double check to make sure you understand!

I hope this story of my misfortune has made you smile as it does to me every time I think about it.

Till next time


Tanda Tula Tanda Tula Tanda Tula