The Killing Fields

These are hardly the scenes of what one might imagine a killing field to look like! Well, a couple of days ago at Tanda Tula this is exactly what the camp dam turned into…..a blood bath, two nights in a row! On the first evening, which was the milder of the two occasions, a pack of hungry hyena managed to chase a big male leopard off his kill and then dragged the partially eaten impala into the water’s edge where there was a short, but frenzied feeding collaboration. Rather exciting, but tame by comparison to the following night’s events.

Dale Jackson, the General Manager, was woken up in the middle of the night by the whooping and excited calling of many hyenas, so intrigued was he that he went to investigate. There he found a pack of hyena had chased a female nyala through the Tanda Tula lounge, across the lawn and into the camp dam where she became too worn out to fight back. Never missing an opportunity the clan descended on their now meal and the joyous and raucous calls could be heard for miles around the Timbavati! The next day, there was nothing left to show for the gruesome scene from the previous night’s events except some hyena tracks around the muddy water’s edge. A few of our guests even slept through the whole ordeal. It just goes to show how quickly the African bush can recover and how she hides her secrets so well.

Tanda Tula Tanda Tula Tanda Tula