The Impala Toilet

This well used latrine belongs to the impala. A midden is an area where there is an accumulation of dung, used over and over again by specific animals in order to communicate their presence in an area. A midden such as this, is usually started by the dominant male impala in a herd and although he will use it more frequently, it can be used by all the animals within his herd. These poo markers are usually placed in a strategic spot within the impala’s territory, often on the boundaries to show to all other impalas that this area is dominated by a specific ram, hence the middens are used excessively during the rutting season.


Impala's are the most common antelope in the bush veld. They are mixed feeders that eat shrubbery and graze grass. When available, they will eat Acacia pods and fruits.

Impalas are ruminants which means they are able to regurgitate their swallowed food, re-chew it and re-swallow it, extracting as much nutrients as possible from their meal. Old impala dung can be crumbled easily which reveals the fine texture of the well chewed and digested food, typical of all ruminants.

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