The first safari in 2018 with Luke Street

This week, Luke has decided to concentrate on one of his images - that of a beautiful wild dog. Look at how he managed to capture this photograph! There is not too much technicality, but enough to help aspiring photographers push their photographic boundaries. In his own words:

“Recently, I have really been working hard on trying to put together a portfolio of reflection shots and so when we moved into a wild dog sighting, I was beyond excited to see that they were all playing around the water. Luckily the day was beautifully overcast and this allowed for outstanding reflections. I immediately got to work on trying to capture one of the dogs sniffing around the water's edge. This shot was by no means a one off.

Although I wanted just a little of the foreground to be in focus, so that I could show a bit of depth, what I really wanted was for the dog to be in the best focus that I could muster. And so in losing a bit of light, I pushed my aperture to 6,3 as this would hopefully give me a little more depth to play with. This worked nicely as I was able to focus on the dog while still keeping some good focus on the bank in the foreground.

Next, I thought about the water and what I wanted from it. I really wanted to try and achieve an almost blown out effect as this would help in outlining the dog nicely and so I pushed my ISO up to 2000. This gave the water a nice bloom effect and I was happy with the result as it felt as if the subject stood out nicely against the backdrop. Having my ISO at this high number also allowed me to use a much higher shutter speed than what would have been possible and so I was shooting on 1/1250 which was just enough to freeze the motion in time and to produce a nice all round generally sharp image.

Lastly I decided to shoot this in a cloudy white balance as this would give a nice warmth and gold hue to the animal’s fur as well as a little to the dull brown bank of the dam. This image was then flipped vertically in lightroom”


Tanda Tula Tanda Tula Tanda Tula