The Dolphin at Tanda Tula


Many who have visited camp will have met Dolphin. Here she shares the story of why she was given this unusual name:

“The Tanda Tula guests call me Dolly, but my real name is actually Dolphin Mathebula. It is an unusual name for a Shangaan lady, not a traditional title at all. My mother called me Dolphin after she had a life changing experience with one of these animals and so passed this legacy on to me, her daughter.

My mother had a problem with her eye sight, and she started going blind at quite a young age. While she was pregnant with me she had treatment at a place in Johannesburg, where she got into a pool and played with dolphins. At this point she accepted she was going to be blind, but loved the animals so much that she decided to name her only daughter after these incredible animals. My mother is blind to this day and I carry the name that reminds her of that unbelievable time in her life. Today I am the front office manager at Tanda Tula. My name is definitely an interesting one and all our guests always ask me about it, then I tell them this story.''


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