The charming and talented join our team

Meet Christopher Msiza: the brilliant new chef to join the Tanda Tula family. A young, funky man who is passionate, a little bit crazy, but most importantly a really talented chef! Boy, are we lucky to have this gem in our kitchen!

Having trained formally at the Prue Leith School in Pretoria, Chris then did a two year stint at the famous La Colombe restaurant in Cape Town. Deciding he wanted to further himself, he returned to Prue Leith and did a specialized course in Italian cooking with an associated Italian Cooking School.

Then in January 2017 Chris packed his bags and headed off to Italy to work in top restaurants throughout the country. Here he gained more knowledge and experience. Eventually, he started to get home sick and returned back to his roots in South Africa.

Chris claims he has always known he was going to be a chef. Once, as a young boy, he was angry with his mother and decided to take revenge by ruining dinner. He added spices and herbs, and any other unusual things from the cupboard. That night as the family sat down to dinner they were amazed by the incredible meal before them! And so it was, Chris had a flair with food, this was his calling. He has never looked back!

We are absolutely thrilled to have this music loving, incredibly talented young man as part of our team. He absolutely adores cooking any kind of meat and his speciality is sauces. Chris is still adjusting to his new life out in the Timbavati wilds, strange noises at night and animal interactions, but at the same time he absolutely loves it! He is also thoroughly enjoying having a break from the rigid fine dining he has been preparing up until now. At Tanda Tula he can be more fun and free with his dishes and this gives him immense joy, not to mention the happiness it brings to the guests!


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