The weather is starting to change in the Timbavati, the green grass is just starting to wane and beginning to yellow slightly. This environment is inspiring no matter what, but the starkness of winter that is about to be upon us has me quite excited! Even though the shades of summer’s luminous greens will be missed. We have had a few small showers during the past week but nowhere near enough to stop the impending chill that is slowly heading our way. 

I managed to get out on a game viewer only a few times this week as we have had an incredibly busy time in house, but that couldn’t stop me! It was well worth it as I finally got to meet the newest members of the Mayambula pride. The two little ones along with their mother have been denning for the last few weeks and so it has been a little hard to see them, but on this occasion all three of them were out in the open and enjoying a little family bonding. For those of you that are hoping for an update on the Zebenine pride, they seem to have taken up residence in the south of our concession for the last two weeks and although I haven’t been able to see them, I believe they have made several kills. The two cubs are starting to take on a little bit more of a fearsome look now too as they approach the better part of a year in age. 
One of my favourite things about this time of year is the return of the gentle giants. The elephants of the Greater Kruger region tend to move south during the wetter summer months and although they never left all together this year, it is amazing to see them suddenly returning in huge numbers.

If you have read Chad’s most recent blog on the leopards of the area, then the images in this blog should need no introduction. We had a great sighting of Thumbela as she lay peacefully eating in the riverine thickets of the Machaton river. At first, I thought this was going to be a hard sighting to get any decent images from until she moved into a perfect spot right next to my vehicle. N’weti also made a surprise appearance and caught me completely off guard while I was sitting at Machaton dam photographing some birds. I decided to move to get a better angle of the dam when I saw one of my favourite things: A curled white tail. There she was happily drinking. I wonder how long she was there before I noticed her! It was also great to see her mother, Nyaleti, on a kill not far off.

Another great week of game viewing at Tanda Tula Safari Camp comes to a close, but there is still next week to look forward to. As I am sure you have realised by now, no two weeks are ever the same!

Until next time, happy snapping.


Dove in flight

European take off


Mayambula cub


N'Weti drinking

N'Weti in the grass

Rhino dust



Tanda Tula Tanda Tula Tanda Tula