The Big Pack is Back!

The pack of 29 wild dogs is back near camp, and that has made for some incredibly exciting experiences for Tanda Tula guests. We picked up the dogs just before sundown one evening on the tar road close to our safari camp. We watched them play, beg and even start a hunting rally before they disappeared into the darkness of the African bush.

We caught up with them again early the next morning, but by now the adults had gone off alone to hunt while the eighteen juveniles and sub-adults were left to see what they could do. They charged a few impala, but without success. The hungry youngsters started calling for the adults, crying with their muzzles close to the ground (they do this so the sound reverberates and carries further).

By late afternoon we witnessed the group reunion, with all the customary licking of faces, nuzzling and whining that goes along with it. As we left them, the happy pack went off to try their luck at hunting again.

We couldn’t believe our luck when we found them again the next morning. This time, we experienced a full blown hunting rally with the excited animals making growling and twittering noises before they ran after their prey. It wasn’t long before the howl of success pierced the air. By the time we arrived at the scene there was nothing left of the impala. A call soon after alerted us to another hunting success. Such a rare privilege to get this kind of insight into the world of the wild dogs! View the gallery below.

Words and photos by Jacquie Gauthier

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