The Beautiful Tree Wisteria

The wisteria is a tree or creeper found all over the world and renown for its gorgeous purple flowers which traditionally come out in the spring.

In the Timbavati the Tree Wisteria (Bolusanthus specious) is a small to medium deciduous tree which has dark bark and drooping leaflets, in the spring months it blooms large bunches of beautiful mauve pea-like flowers attracting all sorts of insects and birds. Traditionally the wood is used for making furniture or used for poles because generally the wood is insect resistant and it does not burn easily. 

In the Shangaan culture the roots are traditionally used medicinally for any sort of abdominal problems or stomach pains. In the winter this shrub is easily overlooked, being very insignificant in appearance so it is always a gorgeous surprise when the blue purple shoots start to appear like magic.

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