For Tanda Tula to exist as a truly sustainable, community-inspired brand in this extraordinary Greater Kruger wilderness area, we believe that it is imperative for us to engage more with people living in the surrounding vicinity. We need to learn more about each other…

Thanks to Wild Shots Outreach (WS0) and four incredible young individuals, we have started with this inspiring journey.

While the staff who are part of our Tanda Tula Family already give us a gateway into their lives, we felt that we needed to go beyond that. This is where Mike Kendrick comes in who runs the amazing Wild Shots Outreach program. We have been so impressed with the work he does within the community that we felt he could help guide us with his sincere and realistic view of what young people are experiencing in their day-to-day lives.

Our concept meant bringing in four young job seekers to experience Tanda Tula Safari Camp for three nights, as any of our guests would. They were each given a camera and were asked to interpret daily safari activities through their eyes.We wanted these images to allow our readers a new and fresh insight into the daily on goings at Tanda Tula. The students photographed both guest experiences as well as behind the scenes activities, capturing a real perspective of the love and dedication that goes into making our guest’s trips so memorable and special.

By collaborating with WSO on this project we have been awarded with the privileged of learning so much about the youth of South Africa and what their challenges, aspirations and passions are. But it has been a two-way learning curb, and this is what Mike had to say about the experiences these young people took away with them:

“In a unique action-packed programme devised in partnership with WSO, Tanda Tula provided four Wild Shots graduates from local communities with a sequence of exciting and enriching experiences. The young job seekers were able to explore the “safari experience” of a visiting guest by staying in luxurious tented accommodation, taking thrilling game drives and sharing the most delicious meals. Behind the scenes, they were able to access different areas of the lodge to get a real feel of the lodge industry, seeing the different departments and staff roles within the Tanda Tula family. They had expert input on improving their curriculum vitaes (CVs) and their interview technique. Moreover, using their photographic skills, they were able to tell and record their story during this experience of a lifetime.”

Today’s blog is an introduction to this uplifting journey we have begun. The images used show the students taking photos to tell their own story. Over the following months we will introduce each student and share with you how they interpret this world of safari, showcasing this through the images taken at Tanda Tula.



Wildlife photography

Team Photo

Photographing the chefs






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