Tanda Tula’s Zingy Rum Cocktail


Even though the Timbavati is starting to feel very autumn with cool mornings and log fire evenings, the days are definitely still hot enough to indulge in a fruity cocktail.

This rum concoction will appeal to those who don’t have such a sweet tooth. The ginger, passionfruit and lemon combine well to make a zingy drink with plenty of punch.

INGREDIENTS (makes 2 drinks) 


1 can ginger ale

1 can soda water

4 tots rum

pulp from a passion fruit

cucumber, chopped into cubes

slices of lemon

sprig of mint


Divide the sodas and rum between 2 tall glasses, add the fruit and lots of ice. Top with a sprig of mint and serve.


Tanda Tula Tanda Tula Tanda Tula