Tanda Tula has a new classroom!

At Tanda Tula we believe in the power of education, and for some time now have run an adult literacy programme in camp.

We received such exceptional feedback from our team that we had to expand things slightly. We have now completed the new classroom which is based within our staff village, a few metres away from camp - and the staff are thrilled!

After years of the adult literacy classes taking place on the veranda at a house or the back porch of a building, we opened the doors of a new classroom dedicated solely to this incredible project. Now we have a dedicated space for these eager learners to attend lessons and find more tools and educational work available to them.

Anne Watt, who has been teaching these classes since their fruition, is the most excited with this new space. She has really made it a place where the joy of learning and improving oneself is key. As for the student’s themselves, there is reward for all the long hours and hard work they have put in.

Now they have their own classroom where they will continue to grow and enhance their knowledge.

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