Tanda Tula Field Camp is Launched!

It was less than a year ago that we were approached by some of the members of the trade for Tanda Tula to look into creating a new camp.

The brief was to create a product that would be completely unique in the South African safari industry, would cater for an intensive walking experience in an exclusive wilderness area, and would be designed to be mobile to the extent that it would be set up in a new location for each time that it was operated. This request struck a chord with Nina and I, as we have long wanted to create something with a “zero footprint” in the bush, and at the same time go back to a period when camping was in real old cotton canvas tents, with real wooden poles and beautiful safari styled furnishings – something you only see in black and white photographs in today’s world of modern camping.

With all of this in mind we took our team on a journey that lead us to find a very special style of custom designed tent, and made us think about our environmental footprint on every design decision that we made. It also offered us the opportunity to truly explore what it was like to set up a safari back in the late 1800’s, when a camp was set up, broken down and moved as the safari progressed over many months from one location to another. We were, of course, faced with the modern day challenge of our guests not having the time to spend 6 months on safari, but these challenges were eased by our access to information and products that, I believe, have allowed us to finally create the product that we have been searching for – an old world styled camp with a minimum environmental footprint and all of the comforts to ensure that our guests lack for nothing whilst on their safari adventure.

The name for the new camp came to us whilst thinking about what a typical expedition of this type would involve – a voyage of discovery; gaining deeper knowledge of the bush and its secrets and wonders; stationing oneself out at a remote site while conducting activities of learning, exploration and adventure. To add to this we had the style of the camp, which at the same time as being vintage in its style, also had a slight feeling of a period military expedition, or even one of a scientific mission. Thus the name “Tanda Tula Field Camp” was born, a field camp being something of a remote base from which to conduct manoeuvres, or field studies.

After many months of planning, testing and a lot of fun, we finally ran the first four Field Camp expeditions from July to November 2013. These test expeditions outperformed even our own expectations of how it would feel to be truly immersed in the wilderness. What came through even more strongly with our own experience of the operation was how the intimate and intensive experience with your own guide and tracker opens up a whole new world of knowledge and appreciation of the bush. We found that the quality of our very own iconic Lowveld guides shines through on each expedition, and that one is able to get back to what a true old-style safari experience is all about. We are very excited to launch Tanda Tula Field Camp for the 2014 season and we hope that all of you will enjoy this unique experience as much as we have enjoyed creating it.

Please click here to view the Tanda Tula Field Camp gallery.

We look forward to welcoming you to our new camp.

Don and Nina Scott

A few facts about Tanda Tula Field Camp:

  • The field camp is available on an exclusive-use basis only. It can accommodate a maximum of 8 guests and a minimum of 2
  • A minimum stay of 3 nights is required for all bookings
  • The field camp operates from the 1st of March to the 31st Of October annually
  • There is no electricity. The camp features oil and solar lanterns
  • The camp is ideal for families and friends travelling together who prefer exclusivity
  • Guests should be adventurous and enjoy walking and tracking big game on foot
  • Guests must be walking fit and should be able to manage a 10 mile walk
  • Children from the age 12 are welcome (full rates will apply)
  • If you are interested in learning more about Tanda Tula Field Camp please contact reservations@tandatula.com

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