​Sustainable Waste Management

In a world where we are ever increasingly being made aware of the pressure us humans are putting on he environment, it goes without saying that we take our waste management at Tanda Tula very seriously. Everything is removed from the property, unlike years gone by where all lodges practised a method of burying waste in large holes and then filling them, and so effecting the water table and environment as a whole.

All staff adhere to strict separation protocol, whereby we make sure glass, plastic, paper and wet waste are kept separately and dealt with according to appropriate procedures. In the environment where Tanda Tula exists there are a few problematic outside influences, namely monkeys, baboons, hyenas and the infamous honey badger who lives around camp. These cunning opportunists are always looking for a sneaky way into the bins which is why everything is kept in big, locked steel cages. The wet waste is all frozen in big containers and then sent off to a local pig farmer who then feeds it to his happy pigs.

It is of the utmost importance and in our own best interest that we continue to live by our legacy of making as little impact as possible on the environment while still providing a luxury safari experience. 

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