Summer Highlights

We had a wonderful drive yesterday afternoon with a number of species being seen. The highlight of the afternoon was a pack of ten wild dogs and a fantastic leopard sighting. We found the dogs sleeping off the heat of the day but then a herd of impala passed close by and the pack took off after them.

We lost visual of them as they sped through the bush but what sight to see them in full flight! We then made our way to a young female leopard who tackled an impala the previous evening. We were treated to her actively feeding on the carcass and then grooming herself not more than ten meters from the vehicle.

Incredibly special to see this secretive cat carry on with her daily routine without even giving us a thought. We left her to sleep off her large meal in the riverline and what a sighting it was. We then made our way towards a good sundowner spot and bumped into a large female hyena just catching the last rays of the afternoon.

Three large African predators in the space of an hour the sundowner just tasted that much better!

Tanda Tula Tanda Tula Tanda Tula