Start November on Safari with Luke

The best part of this week for Luke Street was photographing a spotted bush snake, as well as a lioness stalking a giraffe. This just goes to show that everything on safari is enchanting - from the biggest to the smallest.

Early on in the week, Luke stopped for a mid-morning coffee break with his guests. While Luke was busy with the plunger (we are all really passionate about coffee at Tanda Tula) Jack, his tracker, saw a Spotted Bush Snake moving in a nearby tree. The guests grabbed their cameras and went over to get a better look. This is a harmless snake, so getting up close is safe and absolutely fascinating. The olive coloured reptile played along very nicely and allowed everyone to have a good inspection. And get some really interesting shots!

A couple of days later, another incredible opportunity presented itself on an evening safari. Luke came across a single lioness stalking a giraffe which was elegantly strolling up the road. The cunning lioness slowly crept behind the tall beast, but every time the giraffe stopped and looked back, the predator would freeze. It allowed for some really awesome footage to be taken. The lioness would never be able to pull down an animal of this size on her own, but just watching her natural instinct to stalk moving prey was absolutely fascinating in itself.


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