Star Service

Patrick Sithole is a man who takes his job very seriously. He has been looking after Tanda Tula guests for over ten years, sometimes he goes beyond the call of duty to make sure their safari is totally memorable.

Nicknamed Stars, this smiling, eager waiter does not get his name from the 5 star service he delivers, but rather from his past soccer skills. As the fastest, most agile guy on his soccer team, good enough to make even David Beckham jealous, he was named “Stars”. His teammates felt he was up there with the rest of the football shining professionals and so was aptly named. Today he does not spend as much time on the pitch, but focuses his delivery skills rather on the Tanda Tula visitors.

Stars was not always a member of the hospitality team in camp, he started out working in the bush, then he took a step closer when he became a gardener at Safari Camp. After proving his dedication and commitment, he became a waiter.

He explains that he sometimes has to keep guests distracted during lunch while trying to shoo away a snake in the trees and more recently, he has had an ongoing stand-off with a sneaky hyena who has taken a particular liking to the gorgonzola cheese at dinner. It is all worth while as Stars points out, he is happy to face these challenges: “I love working at Tanda Tula, it is a good company and the people are cool.” (No mention of the snakes or hyenas!)

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