Spring Day

Today is the first of September, which in the Southern hemisphere is officially known as Spring Day! It is the beginning of the warmer, longer days.

In the Timbavati we do not get all the sweet smelling blossoms that are seen in city gardens where there is water and the planting of seeds and bulbs, however we do know spring is here when the Knobthorns start to push through their beautiful cream coloured blossoms, adding a touch of luminescence to the otherwise dry bush veld. 

In and around camp where we can nurture our gardens a little bit, some of the more common succulents are also flowering, providing sweet nectar for the sunbirds, starlings and Loeries. 

So wherever you may be, in whichever hemisphere, from all of us at Tanda Tula we wish you a “Happy Spring Day!”

Tanda Tula Tanda Tula Tanda Tula