Some Fun Facts About Wild Dogs


1African Wild dogs cannot be domesticated. Despite being one of the most social of all the Canids, they do not trust humans.

2. Wild Dogs form packs numbering between 2 and 30 animals. The packs are dominated by an Alpha Female and Alpha male which are usually the only pair of animals that will breed in a pack. However, sometimes the Beta female has also been known to give birth to pups.

3. The Alpha female and male are monogamous and she can have up to 12 pups, which is the largest size litter of any dog. They breed every year usually in the months of May or June.

4. The Wild Dogs hunt in well-coordinated packs and are successful 80% of the time. Their communication with each other, as well as their agile build and clever tactics, all combine to make these animals the most successful hunters of all the predators.

5. A favourite tactic for hunting is chasing their prey into a pool of water which will either frighten the prey towards the hunting dogs or tire them out while trying to swim away.

6. Juveniles become independent between the ages of 16 and 24 months but will usually remain with their pack. Females are more likely to break away from their pack and form their own family group. Usually, they will leave with their sisters in a sub-group once they reach about two years of age.

7. Individual dogs can be identified by their unique coat pattern. Their scientific name, Lycaon pictus, literary means painted wolf and refers to their unusual black, white and golden colouring which varies on every animal.

8. They have an incredible sense of hearing with their unusually large round ears. These radar like ears are lined with small muscles allowing the animals to swivel them around and pick up the smallest noises.



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