Six Blue Dogs: A Summer Tipple

As summer temperatures soar, it seems only plausible to take our favorite safari cocktail up a notch! Introducing the locally produced, proudly South African Six Dogs Gin, now being produced in the most extraordinary blue colour -  the Pelargonium & Blue Pea! Even better, it magically becomes pink when added to tonic water (thanks to the alchemy of the unusual botanicals used to produce this incredible gin).

Six Dogs is a distillery in De Wet. Here the producers grow the blue pea plant, as well as all the other botanicals, which gives this latest gin its gorgeous turquoise hue. The blue pea plant (Clitoria Ternatea) was actually discovered by the gin makers in Indonesia. The many benefits include natural antioxidant qualities and the effects of an aphrodisiac! Because the gin is produced by Six Dogs one batch at a time, it means the color may vary. In addition, because the color is natural, the blue color may fade over time!

We just love this perfect sundowner Gin & Tonic with a twist, it is best served with a few slices of strawberries and a sprig of mint! It is so good that it can be enjoyed no matter what the weather is!

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