Rains Down in Africa

After months of hopes, prayers and even some dancing the skies have finally opened. Mother Nature has shown us she does eventually listen and the barren bush veld has been blessed with some rain.

People up and down the Lowveld, including the Tanda Tula staff, ran out into the pouring rain to celebrate the sheer joy of this long awaited gift from the heavens. Things had become fairly desperate with animals struggling with no water and little food, so the last few day’s rainfall has been a huge relief for all.

The damns got a bit fuller and even some rivulets starting flowing. Admittedly it is probably too little too late for this season, but the relief it has brought could not have come sooner. Even if it means a few more weeks of drinking water and some cooler weather -  everyone is grateful for the arrival of the rains down in Africa.

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