Pass the salt ……

One of the features of living in a wilderness environment is the small creatures, with whom we share our living space. 

Some of these small creatures have developed a taste for Chef Ryan’s cuisine and, whilst these creatures only occasionally pluck up enough courage to enter into our meal time areas, our wonderful staff have become quite adept at keeping them away from the tasty treats so that they don’t clear the buffet before our guests have a chance to enjoy their meals.

I have been trying for some time to get photos of some of our animal visitors to the breakfast and lunch buffet tables, but as always they are too fast and too cunning to stay in one place long enough for a photo opportunity.

This was until our guest, Kim Regier showed me his two classic pics of a monkey and hornbill in action on their food foraging expeditions. Thank you Kim for capturing something that I have been unable to for so long.

Text : Don Scott

Tanda Tula Tanda Tula Tanda Tula