Out & About

The weather did not play along but the animals did! This past weekend brought much needed rain to the Timbavati, with lots of strong wind and drizzly rain which is not always great for game viewing, but luckily the animals were not too bothered! 

 The incredulous Marula female leopard almost caught a steenbok right in front of the Tanda Tula guests, but it managed to just slip from her vicious claws. The Machatan pride with cubs were around, enjoying the cooler weather, as well as lone cheetah surveying the landscape.

Also spotted was a pair of white faced owls which was a rare and wonderful sighting for all the birders. These cryptic little birds are well into their nesting season now and can be heard calling from their elevated perches late into the night. They use other bird’s existing nesting sites by evicting the original owners. If you are lucky enough to spot them on their daytime perch they will raise their ear tufts and growl softly!

Tanda Tula Tanda Tula Tanda Tula