Our Contribution To The Rhino Revolution

Unfortunately the rhino poaching situation in South Africa continues to escalate to species threatening levels. Often the animals are left not dead but severely injured and females are frequently, heartbreakingly, found dead with their young calves alongside them, alive and bewildered.

In Hoedspruit, the town closest to Tanda Tula Safari Camp, an NGO known as The Rhino Revolution have set up a rhino orphanage, a place where these vulnerable youngsters are brought to, fed and looked after. Thus enabling them the chance of survival, another step in the war against poaching.

We feel so strongly about fighting this cause at Tanda Tula, attempting to help and contribute however we can. So it is hugely rewarding to see how a small donation from us can make a big difference to the survives of this terrible plight.

What can you do? Visit http://www.rhinorevolution.org/ for more information.


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