Meet Allied Mathebula, one of the Tanda Tula Education Foundation students who has developed a deep passion for wildlife photography. Growing up at Tanda Tula and spending time alongside Chad Cocking and Luke Street it is hardly surprising that an interest was sparked. Lots of his photographic inspiration comes from the beautiful Greater Kruger surroundings, but also from his school colleagues. 

Allied has been part of our wonderful Education Foundation program for 4 years already and he is the oldest student at Southern Cross Schools. His personal and academic growth during this period has been inspiring, at the beginning of this year he received a Progress Certificate for raising his overall average in the space of 2 terms by 10%. This is one of the highest improvements ever seen at Southern Cross Schools which makes us all so proud of him. He is currently a border and only goes through to the Timbavati at weekends which is when he gets the opportunity to go on a game drives and explore different wildlife photo opportunities.

Allied is Formen’s son and after completing a photographic course through Wild Shots Outreach with a couple of other Tanda Tula kids, he was fortunate enough to hijack dad’s camera and it seems he has not put it down since! His favorite animal to capture is a leopard, “their sharp canines and soft fur perfectly marked with individual rosettes”. He also loves photographing during the summer months, preferring the green backdrop and crystal clear light. There are a couple of young wildlife photographers at his school who he connects with, gets lots of inspiration from and loves following on Instagram. Allied has his own Instagram account, check out some of his most recent amazing images on: allied_mathebula

Academic education is just one part of helping our scholarship kids grow, watching a passion like photography envelope one of them is rewarding on so many other levels. We support Allied fully on this beautiful journey he has started and watch with eagerness as his skills grow and develop waiting to see where this path will lead to.





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