On Safari with Luke Street - Kicking off December

It has been a week of some exciting sightings, sweltering days and even some rain. Regardless of the weather, Luke has been out on safari with guests, trying to capture some new and beautiful images.

Something unusual that Luke came across this week while out in the Timbavati were some tree-climbing lions. These two lionesses came into the area by following some circling vultures. After sniffing around, they jumped up into a tree to investigate further. There was no evidence of any leftover remnants, but Luke thinks that a leopard had possible stashed a kill in the tree a few days prior, and these two predators came to inspect the scene.

Despite capturing this unusual behaviour, the photo he enjoyed taking the most this week was of a bull elephant in the soft afternoon light. This old bull had just come out of musth but was still incredibly calm and relaxed. This gave Luke the perfect opportunity to capture the late afternoon light, with the gorgeous summer colours as a backdrop for this magnificent beast.


Tanda Tula Tanda Tula Tanda Tula