On Safari With Luke Street

The past week has been interesting on safari in the Timbavati. There were wild winds and horrible weather which is not always conducive to the best game viewing, but then the temperatures started soaring into the early 30s and all the animals, not to mention reptiles, began taking advantage of the warmer days.

Luke managed to have some great sightings with his guests, regardless of the environmental extremes! They found Ntombi, an older female leopard, up a tree, as well as sighting wild dogs successfully hunting an impala. There was also a wonderful viewing of two young nomadic male lions, who some refer to as the Matiri Males. They are definitely up and coming in this area, and ready to challenge the other dominant males.

Amongst all of these highlights, Luke was happiest this week with his Mongoose pictures. He simply loves viewing these funny, interesting creatures. Dwarf Mongooses are highly sociable animals and extremely inquisitive. If you sit with them quietly for long enough they will eventually ignore you and carry on playing and foraging all around the vehicle. Dwarf mongooses only have an alpha pair who will breed, but neither of the parents is solely responsible for the young. Rather, the whole clan will help protect the youngsters by keeping them away from danger.

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