October Safari With Luke Street

This week got off to a rocky start, with all sorts of technological hiccups. Since, Luke has managed to get himself up and running again. It is always frustrating when things go wrong with computers and hard drives, especially when you live in the middle of nowhere. But luckily Luke still has his camera and could provide us with some gorgeous images from different safaris over the last few days.

Luke managed to capture a beautiful image of the Diederik Cuckoo showing off all his magnificent colours in the afternoon light. Photographing birds is not always easy, and this picture really captures the beauty of this bird’s plumage. Another unusual shot is of the chameleon, looking back over his body at the viewer. It is fairly common to spot chameleons on nights safaris in the Timbavati, but locating them during the day is a whole other story. The composition of this picture is great, as a viewer you really get a sense of being summed up.

There is also the fabulous black and white, ebony ivory, image of the elephants with their sparkling tusks, and the shot of a male lion. The males do not seem to be hanging around for long these days. They've been moving in and out of the adjacent reserves including the Kruger National Park, all looking to establish new territories and find females to breed with. Luke’s last image of the week is of Marula, the female leopard who is the greatest poser. We think she sees Luke coming and immediately gets ready. We are always grateful for the photographic opportunities she allows the Tanda Tula guests!

Tanda Tula Tanda Tula Tanda Tula