New Resident in Tanda Tula’s Territory

He’s a big leopard, and according to Ranger Formen, the biggest he’s ever seen. His scars and tattered ears indicate he has a lot of life experience. Judging by his full belly, he’s a successful hunter. Just the kind of fellow most females would be attracted to.

Our rangers know him as the Argyle male, named after a territory north of Tanda Tula, but he made his way south and it appears he is planning to take up residence in our area. We are now spotting him more frequently on game drives.

Ranger and General Manager of Tanda Tula Safari Camp Dale Jackson speculates on the reason for the relocation: ”Simply put, there was a vacancy. About 6 months ago, we found the body of a male leopard. That incident left our territory with a few sub-adult males, and several females, including one we know as Marula.

She’s about three years old and likely ready to mate. I think he’s here looking for her.”

While he’s looking for her, Tanda Tula guests will continue to enjoy various sightings of him!

Words and images by Jacquie Gauthier

Tanda Tula Tanda Tula Tanda Tula