New Boys On The Block

It is an interesting time for the Timbavati lion prides at the moment. A dominant pride of lions who have ruled this neck of the woods for many years, the Machaton pride, have taken a bit of a tumble.

There are two new young males who have taken over the area and are ruling with an iron fist. After killing the last of the Machaton pride’s cubs, they have gone on to proudly take control of the area around Tanda Tula. We have witnessed plenty of scent marking and heard roaring late into the night as they continue to make their intentions known.

These two male lions are magnificent specimens. Their faces are almost scarless and although their manes are not completely full, their intimidating size makes up for it. They continue to successfully take down big prey including buffalo and giraffe which bodes well for their future.

To have two strong and fearless male lions in our area can only mean there are thrilling times ahead.

Tanda Tula Tanda Tula Tanda Tula