Michaela Guzy tracks rhino at Tanda Tula

As a child growing up in the states Michaela Guzy always knew she wanted to come to Africa. In her family home there was a no-TV rule, so she would sneak to her grandparents house and indulge in hours of nature programs, always saying to her grandfather, “granddad one day I am going to go there…”

After over a decade in corporate publishing, from Conde Nast and Town & Country up to the VP/Global Travel and Strategic Development for American Express, suddenly Michaela had a premonition. It was time to leave this city life and head off to her dream destination: Africa! It was an instant attraction and love at first sight, and since then the bug has bitten. Although this adventurous, beautiful, energised woman travels all over the world meeting people and seeing new things, she always returns to the African continent, almost every 6 months.

It was after her first trip to Africa on returning to the US that she could not stop thinking about how to marry the world of luxury travel in which she worked, and that of helping the local people who make each destination so special. And so she launched her website www.ohthepeopleyoumeet.com which is a tribute to the fact that the people you meet while travelling the world are all so different. There is so much to learn from so many human beings and there are so many great adventures still out there waiting to be had!

Currently Michaela directs, writes, produces and hosts her own video series. The series runs on her website, OhThePeopleYouMeet, The Daily Meal and www.SustainableTravel.About.com - currently reaching over 48 million people. So Tanda Tula was thrilled to have her as a guest for a few nights and to watch her at work filming inserts to add to a video she will be releasing later this year.

When asked about her highlights at Tanda Tula it was very much “the people”. She loved her guide Brian Masters, his witty charm and incredible knowledge, making him “one of the best guides she has ever had”. And secondly her time with the owners Nina and Don Scott, who she felt “ their commitment to the greater good and sustainability of the environment is so inspiring”.

We felt having her around was incredibly heartening and uplifting so the feeling was very much mutual and we can’t wait for her return! Watch this video of Brian explaining the detail in what seems a very straight forward rhino track.




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