Meet the smiling Cecilia

Cecilia Chauke is a vital part of our family. Predominantly responsible for the laundry, over the past few years, she has become the chief babysitter for the Jackson boys. Generally, we seem to produce male babies. First, owners Nina and Don Scott lived here with their two boys and Cecilia helped raise them. Now, the baton has been passed on to Hayley and Dale, the general managers, and their two naughty bush boys who are also growing up under the watchful eye of Cecilia.

Cecilia has four of her own children, so looking after young kids is nothing new to her. In fact, her youngest is not even one year old yet! Although she has her own children, she loves the Jackson boys as though they were her own flesh and blood. Her gentle nature and big smile endear her to everyone. When mum and dad are running a lodge, it can be demanding of time, and you definitely need help with managing the family. Cecilia has been the perfect person for the job.

Cecilia absolutely loves to sing. Often, you can find her in the lodge just by following the sound of her gentle humming to herself. She is part of our magnificent choir who often entertain the guests before dinner. Cecilia is also part of the adult literacy classes that we offer. Not only a participant, but she is actually top of her class and is one of the most enthusiastic students. Cecilia loves to read and whenever she has a gap you will find her quietly sitting under a tree reading a book.


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