Meet Melina

27 years at Tanda Tula, that is how long Melina Nyati has been part of this incredible company. We feel honoured to have such a long standing, loyal member of our family. Melina is a mother of 5 children and grandmother to another 5. An honest, hardworking woman who has evolved and grown as has Tanda Tula over the many years.

It must be said that Melina is also one of the stars of the Adult Literacy programs that we offer at Tanda Tula. When this quiet woman started the classes a couple of years back, she could just write her name and manage to read a few sentences in Shangaan, her local language. Now Melina eagerly arrives first to class and she can finish comprehensions and read a whole book in English! She enjoys all the different aspects of the class from writing on the white board to completing a puzzle.

It is so rewarding to watch a person grow and develop to the extent that she has and we at Tanda Tula honour and salute you Melina, thank you.

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