Meet Given Mathebula

In 2006, the Tanda Tula family expanded by one. We were joined by the gentle natured Given Mathebula. Eleven years ago Given started as a greener, but he had higher aspirations and was determined to combine his love of nature with his daily work. Slowly, on his leave and after hours, Given started to sit with the rangers and trackers at Tanda Tula and ask them questions, borrow their books and pick their brains. Before long, he became a qualified tracker and now he gets to do what he loves every day, as he says himself: “I love this environment and to follow the animals in the bush and to learn about their behaviour - it is like doing research.”

What is really interesting is that his family had been part of Tanda Tula for almost 30 years when he joined, his mother having worked from 1977-2007. They overlapped for one year, before his mother retired and handed the post down to the next generation. Given is a proud member of the team and has acquired phenomenal tracking skills through learning from his peers as well as a real passion for birding. What he knows now is that being out in the bush everyday, no two safaris in the Timbavati are the same and that  every day offers an opportunity to grow and learn.

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